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Arizona Title 4 Liquor Law Certification

Learn to serve alcohol in Arizona.

Obtain your Title 4 (Arizona Liquor Law) Certification by taking our Arizona Department of Liquor License & Control (ADLLC) approved online training course. We report your course completion to the ADLLC and you will be able to immediately print your official certification online!

Alcohol Safety Institute of America offers this course to all residents of Arizona (AZ). Click to enroll, complete the course and print your certificate online.

This Course is not currently available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Course Provided by: 360Training.
This course is approved by Arizona Department of
Liquor Licenses and Control.

Note: the current ADLLC Title 4 On-Premise Basic Training & Certification course available from this catalog is valid for on-premise (bar, hotel, restaurant) employee level certification only.

Course Description

This course certifies you for the Arizona On-Premise Title 4 Basic Training. It provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be a responsible seller of alcohol. Specifically, you will learn how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability; how alcohol affects your customers; how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers; how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated; how to intervene when you need to refuse a sale to someone; how to prevent and deal with disturbances; how to accurately check IDs and recognize minors; how to prevent second-party sales; and how to refuse a sale.

Learning Objectives

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Alcohol Service
  • Lesson 2 - How Alcohol Affects the Body
  • Lesson 3 - Preventing Intoxication/Intervention Techniques
  • Lesson 4 - Cutting Someone off/Intervention Techniques
  • Lesson 5 - Preventing Disturbances
  • Lesson 6 - Protecting Yourself/Establishment from Liability
  • Lesson 7 - Arizona Regulations
  • Learn2Serve - Real World Practice

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