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Alcohol Safety Institute of America is powered by 360training a leading provider of accredited online certification training courses. Alcohol Safety Institute of America has a comprehensive catalog of alcohol certification courses for the hospitality industry.

These alcohol certification courses include industries such as: hotels, restaurants, bars, convenience stores and grocery employees and managers. As the nation's largest provider of online alcohol seller/server certification training courses.

To view a list of our course offerings, please visit the alcohol server training page.

Online Alcohol Safety Certification

At Alcohol Safety Institute of America, we offer various online alcohol safety certification training courses for each state. From you home, you can very quickly become a certified seller and server of alcohol without having to go sit in a classroom.

Businesses all over the country are already requiring some form of alcohol safety certification in order to protect themselves as well as the employees from liabilities. By completeing your state online alcohol safety certification, you will already have a step up on others lacking the certification.

By using our services, you are able to get your alcohol safety certification online and become an accredited alcohol seller or server while learning valuble information that can be used in the workplace as well as in everyday life.

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